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Why Your Resume Should Be On File

  • Many of the best jobs are NEVER advertised
  • It gets your application on file before the job is advertised
  • It gets your name considered on confidential openings
  • Our centralized administration saves you time
  • Fewer verifications of your references
  • Convenient interview locations
  • Online skills testing provides flexible scheduling
  • Many HR Your Way clients provide a wide range of employee benefits* including
    • Large Group Health Insurance
    • Dental Insurance
    • Vision Insurance
    • 401(k) Retirement Program
    • 125 Savings Program

*Benefits vary by job site and are subject to change. Ask us for details.

Why Some Jobs Are Never Advertised

  • Time delay in getting advertising running
  • Employers can interview immediately from applications on file
  • Many times applicants are already screened and they can hire immediately saving time & money
  • Employer is replacing a person on staff
  • Employer does not want the market to know that they are missing critical staff
  • Employer wants to have applicants screened before they can prep for a specific interview

The better the job, the more likely it will be filled confidentially.

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