How Do You Know if Your Company Has Outgrown Your PEO?

For many small businesses, the lure of joining a PEO was very attractive – lower cost for employee benefits or workers’ compensation, lower risk in terms of HR compliance, and “full service” HR and payroll, all bundled with technology for you and your employees.  But, as your company has grown these past few years, it is a prudent step to look and see if this relationship still makes sense for your firm and your employees.

 PEO Evaluation Checklist

  • Do you know what you are actually paying for the PEO services (“Admin Fee”)? If so, when is the last time you compared that cost to other options?
  • Are your employee benefits programs helping you attract and retain top talent? And, when is the last time you compared costs and choices of plans and options?
  • Does your PEO help to resolve employee issues quickly, to the satisfaction of both the employee and your company?
  • Are you being proactively kept up to date on ever-changing HR laws and regulations?

Even if the answers to these questions leave you doubting your decision to stay with your PEO, you may think that the process of leaving your PEO is daunting.  But, there is an alternative that many companies are using when leaving a PEO – Administrative Services Outsourcing (“ASO”).  With this service, you get virtually all of the benefits of working with a PEO, without the loss of control, limited choices of features and costs of health benefits plans you can offer to your employees or lack of access to qualified HR Professionals for your employee issues.  

PEO Alternative – Administrative Services Outsourcing (“ASO”)

  • Offer benefits tailored to your company and  employees, with more choices of plans and options, to meet your budget
  • Have true HR professionals on your side who understand your business and value your time
  • Likely lower the fees you pay each month for HR and payroll administration
  • Regain control over your HR policies and practices, and be constantly kept up to date on changing regulations to lower your liability.

Sounds a lot like the services a PEO offers, doesn’t it?  That’s because ASO service is essentially PEO services without the co-employment and loss of control.

For more information about the HR Your Way ASO service and how it is a great alternative to your current PEO relationship, click here or give us a call at 800-445-4737.

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